Riki Therivel has done some more work at the Community Woodland.

She has put up some more sleeves and stakes. There are now three piles of discarded stakes which will provide log piles, useful for biodiversity. Riki has sorted the tree sleeves into two piles: a smaller pile of broken sleeves, and a larger pile of reusable sleeves which will be donated to the Oxford Woodland Project

Lots of work remains to be done and all volunteers very welcome:

1. Finish tying the tippy trees to the stakes. Please bring your own twine and get stuck in!

2.Take away and dispose of the broken sleeves

3. Rearrange the piles of stakes into a messier pattern: to make them better homes for hedgehogs etc.

4. Would someone like to make a sculpture?

To find out more about the Community Woodland and how you can help, click here