Councillors and Officers

A new set of councillors takes office in May 2019 to serve for four years. The parish now consists of two wards, the Village ward and the Hinksey Hill ward, each of which was entitled to elect three councillors. Four councillors have been elected unopposed and there are therefore two vacancies.

Three councillors have been elected unopposed for the Hinksey Hill ward: Christine Chater, Michael Cochrane and Linda Goodhead.

But just one councillor has been elected unopposed for the Village ward: Pat Jones.

All four were members of the outgoing Council, along with Matthew Frohn. The old Council remains in office until Tuesday 7th May 2019.

The Council therefore needs one or two more councillors, ideally from the village, who can be co-opted at the first meeting of the new Council on Monday 13th May.

If you would be interested in filling one of the vacancies, please speak to one of the four councillors above.

South Hinksey Parish Council plays an important role in the community but ultimately can only be as effective as the individuals involved. We rely on volunteer Councillors with an interest in local affairs, a willingness to be a voice for the community, and the desire to affect change for the better.

The role of Parish Councillor includes:

  • Preparing for and participating in monthly Parish Council Meetings (generally the first Monday evening of each month)
  • Setting and managing the annual budget, which covers, amongst other things, maintenance of the verges, wildflower meadow and woodland; managing the burial ground; employing the Clerk; as well as various one-off special projects
  •  Contributing to planning consultations for building works within the Parish
  • Campaigning on issues of importance to Parishioners such as: traffic and speed; road and pavement maintenance; flooding; access over the railway; and
  • Listening out for and acting as a voice for concerns of parishioners.

Clerk – Geoffrey Ferres

c/o 20a Harley Road

07419 991623

Christine Chater

Michael Cochrane (Chairman)

Matthew Frohn

Linda Goodhead

Patricia Jones