Local Info

This page lists local information that may be of use to residents. Local businesses are covered separately here

Botley and North Hinksey

To find out about goings-on in nearby Botley and North Hinskey, please visit their informative community website


The No.35A stops at the South Hinksey Roundabout twice a day. Once at 0810, arriving from Kennington and travelling to Matthew Arnold School and once at 1533 in the opposite direction.

The No.44 bus stopped running to the village in July 2016. Buses are available from the Abingdon Road to Oxford City Centre, The John Radcliffe Hospital, Abingdon, Didcot, Wallingford and Reading.


Church of England
St Laurence Church, South Hinksey. See the Church page
St Mary’s Church, Wootton. Service times vary according to the week

Roman Catholic
Holy Rood Church, Folly Bridge. Masses Saturday 9.00am Sunday 11.15am
Holy Rosary, Yarnells Hill. Masses Saturday 6.30pm, Sunday 9.15am

Bayworth Baptist Church, Bruncombe Lane, Bayworth


The Oxford Flood Alliance is run by local people to reduce the risk of flooding in Oxford and its immediate area. They work by putting forward practical ideas to the relevant authorities and campaigning when necessary. Many proposals have been adopted and are under way or already completed

Peter Rawcliffe of South Hinksey is Chairman of the steering group

More information can be found on the OFA website

Health Care

Botley Medical Centre, Elms Road, Botley, Oxford, 248719 website
Kennington Health Centre, Kennington, 730911 website
South Oxford Health Centre, Lake Street, Oxford, 244428
(Some practices on Beaumont Street will also accept patients from within the Parish)

Botley Dental Practice, Elms Parade, Botley
JBDD Galvin, 78 The Avenue, Kennington
Lakeside House Dental Practice, 41A Lake St, Oxford

Insulation Grants

The cost of loft and cavity wall insulation is subsidised by the energy utility companies and in addition to this the Vale of White Horse District Council offers a grant of up to £100 to further reduce the cost. Those who are over the age of 70 or who are in receipt of certain benefits may be entitled to free loft insulation


The mobile library, which used to visit the village once a fortnight, visited for the last time in September 2016

Nature Trails

Chilswell Valley and the Hinksey Heights Trail, both on the Hill side of the A34, are within the parish

Permits to visit Bagley Wood may be obtained from the Bursar of St John’s College, and cost £5 for two years

Post Offices

6 Elms Parade, Botley
156 Kennington Road, Kennington
328 Abingdon Road (corner of Sunningwell Road)
11 Besselsleigh Rd, Wootton


Pre-school and after-school clubs
Stepping Stones, children 3-11, held at the North Hinksey School

Nursery Schools
Elms Road Nursery, Botley, Oxford
Grandpont Nursery, 47 White House Road, New Hinksey
New Hinksey Nursery Class, New Hinksey C of E School

Primary Schools
Botley Primary, Elms Road
New Hinksey C of E, Vicarage Road, New Hinksey
North Hinksey C of E, North Hinksey Lane*
St Swithuns C of E, Grundy Crescent, Kennington
Sunningwell C of E, Dark Lane, Sunningwell, Abingdon
Wootton C of E, Wootton Village, Boars Hill

*School Taxi to North Hinksey C of E School
The Local Authority provide a school bus to transport children from the village to the local primary school and back.

The school requires that parents fill in an online spreadsheet so that they know which children are to be placed onto the taxi at the end of the school day. There is a morning spreadsheet to help with general planning. The owner of the online document is a local mum Phyllis Barron who would be more than pleased to email you a link to the document if your child is to start using the bus. Please contact her by email: pbarron100@gmail.com. To have your child added to the list of passengers contact the City Council on 01865 323500.

Rubbish & Recycling

Collection for most of the Village and Hill is on Thursday. For the very top of the Hill it is Wednesday.

Food waste (Small green bin) is collected weekly
Rubbish (Grey wheelie bin) fortnightly in “Grey week”
Recycling (Green wheelie bin) fortnightly in “Green week”
Garden Waste (Brown bin) fortnightly in “Green week”

More details are available on the Vale of the White Horse website here

Shopping Bus

The Tesco bus picks up at South Hinksey mini-roundabout Tuesday and Thursday 11.19am and leaves Oxford Retail Park at 13.27pm. Shops there include Boots, Next, Tesco and Mothercare

Swimming Pool

The is an open-air swimming pool in Hinksey Park which is open during the Summer

Village Hall

See Village Hall page